Try Mobile Sat Nav Apps

I’ve never been a modish or a technogeek, but I like practical.

I had been annoyed by my TomTom One more and more recently. Considering its disadvantages below plus I have been using it for six years, I decided to replace it.

  • A frozen starting screen (the solution is to connect it to TomTom Home on computer to restart it!)
  • Can’t find signal at the beginning, and I have to drive for a bit distance to retrieve the signal. This is not relevant to my location.
  • The postcode button is disabled without a clue and I am unable to key in an address to find the specific place.
  • No free life-time map updates
  • Small screen
  • Slow notification when I need to know the direction at a Roundabout
  • No much difference between the ‘shortest’ route and the ‘fastest’ route.
  • For people who use it first time, the direction voice guidance is a bit confusion, for instance, ‘keep right’ actually means staying on the same road.

I haven’t decided to buy another GPS navigation device or simply use a mobile phone. I did a bit search online and on my week-journey in Cornwall, I tried two free mobile apps: Here WeGo and GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic as my temporary sat nav tools. Neither is ideal, but for my own purposes, Here WeGo is better and it matches most of my requirements as follows:

  • Free and good review rate
  • Can download the maps and use it offline (So don’t have to have Internet)
  • Map is accurate and easy to read
  • It has turn-by-turn voice guidance, so I don’t need to look at it all the time.
  • The map is easy to follow
  • Not really use a lot of battery
  • Have automatic day/night mode
  • Repeatedly notification when near a Roundabout/junction to change direction (can be too much too!)
  • Speed limit notification
  • Can save collections of the favourite places
  • Can set preferred route (I haven’t worked out how to use this the best. I found if I saved a collection and then I can choose between different routes before Start. However if I key in a postcode directly through Drive, there is no settings for me to choose a preferred route.)

Some disadvantages of Here WeGo:

  • Lose signal quite often, but often it connects again quickly.
  • If I don’t choose a preferred route manually, by default it will guide a shortest one (which could be very narrow country lanes).
  • When I key in a postcode, it changes to the one the system uses.
  • Only one voice is available, or turn off the voice guidance.

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