A good lesson for my life

A thing I learnt today. It’s not about work stuff, but about morality and communication.

See the picture. Do you think a banana looks like this is edible? It’s not really serious bruised. It’s just the peel went bad.

I would say “yes”.

However, once I saw a banana like this in the office wastebasket, I said nothing. I thought “What are waste of food! It’s still edible! Should I pick it up? No, no, I won’t take the thrown-away food from a rubbish bin.”

Today, I saw a banana like this in the office wastebasket again and said nothing. A colleague passed the wastebasket and saw it. He said “It still looks ok. Can I have the banana? I think it’s edible. When I’m hungry, I can have it.” Then he picked the banana up and put it on his desk while he was joking with other colleagues. He ate it later in the day.

Although I don’t waste food myself and advocate against food waste by joining volunteering, I suddenly felt that I am not a truly honest person. Comparing to my colleague, I worried what other people may think or say about me, and tried to avoid any conflicts (e.g., different opinions).

Sometimes, a simple way is to say my opinions out directly in a polite, honest and humorous way.



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