Protect yourself in heavy-crowed situations

上海的外滩是我以前常去的地方. 2014到2015的新年夜上海发生了踩踏事件.  伤亡数字让我难以相信这是发生在现在科技发达, 城市建设更趋人性化的今天.  我曾经亲身经历过人流的可怕力量. 大约17年前, 我在上初中, 我们当地的一个新商厦开张, 我和姐妹们出于好奇去凑热闹, 商厦内人满为患, 柜台被挤进商品架, 什么也看不到, 就只有涌在周围的人群和混乱喊叫声. 好在身材高大的姐姐们把我们护在怀里慢慢移向门口… 至此我不爱去人多拥挤的地方了. 这里是如何在拥挤情况下保护自己的图示演示.

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I was shocked to hear the news in the New Year’s day morning that so many people were dead and injured in the stampede in Shanghai. I used to go to the Bund very often. Couldn’t believe how this happened in such a well-developed modern city? I had one similar experience at a small city where I grew up about seventeen years ago. As youngsters we were curious to know what’s new in the opening ceremony of a new lush superstore. Tons of people went into the building. It’s simply too crowded. Some people were trying to move to upstairs as others tried to get down, causing panic and mass confusion. The chaos began. Luckily we decided to not go further. Older sisters hold us tightly and slowly we moved towards the entrance. Since then I avoid heavy-traffic areas. Here shows you how to protect yourself in such situations.


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