Dr Tal Ben-Shahar – Harvard Open Courses 1504 – Positive Psychology 18

This session carries on the topic of Mind-Body.

Sleep should be treated as an investment though we feel that we are lack of time.

Touch is a natural need as important as sleep and physical exercises.

Love is the first predictor to happiness. Relationship is a natural need. Understand what you need. The problem is not the stress, but the lack of recovery.

Interesting research findings:

  • In average between 19 and 28 years old, 1/4 get 8 hours sleep in 24 hours, 75% don’t get enough sleep (USA national data).
  • Lack of sleep put on our body weight and is likely to lead to depression.
  • We are more likely to have unpleasant dreams in the earlier night and more likely to have pleasant dreams later on in the night.
  • If you can’t have 8 hours sleeps a day, naps over the day will help.
  • Americans are in general are among the least tactile people in the world.
  • Introvert people have higher innate level of arousal; extrovert people have lower level of arousal. Introvert people need alcohol to reduce level of arousal. Extrovert people need coffee to help them up to their optimum level of arousal.
  • 2/3 of marriages today end up in divorces. It doesn’t mean the 1/3 is thriving. [Really? I don’t think it’s the Asian society although it’s worse than older generations, but this is a shock figure!]

People and their work:

  • William Dement – sleep and well-being
  • Tiffany Field – the importance of touch by research about touching premature babies.
  • William Masters and Virginia Jonson – the importance of touch in the sex therapy
  • Harry Harlow – the importance of touch by research about monkey babies.
  • Virginia Satir – We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.
  • Martin Seligman – happy people recover quicker, they have thriving interpersonal relationships.
  • Brian Little – a restorative niche, formal recovery (see his article)
  • John Gottman – research on single sex relationship and opposite relationship – predict divorce with an accuracy level of 94%.
  • David Myers – companionship, life-long relationship
  • Leo Buscaglia – perfect relationship
  • David Schnarch’s book Passionate Marriage

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