Borrowed Words in English

On this morning BBC radio Wales, they were talking about the English value and words that other languages have had effects on English.

Interesting to know Cardiff earns 12milliom pounds from teaching English from overseas:

  • booze – alcoholic drink, to drink (alcohol); from Dutch.
  • zombie – a person who is or appears to be lifeless, a corpse brought to life in this manner; from Kikongo. the Bantu language of the Kongo people, used as a lingua franca in the lower Congo River basin.
  • dollar – U.S. currency; from Low German daler,  from German Taler, Thaler,  short for Joachimsthaler  coin made from metal mined in Joachimsthal  Jachymov, town now in the Czech Republic.
  • corgi – small dog; from Welsh corgi, from cor “dwarf” + ci “dog”.
  • penguin – origin uncertain, perhaps in Welsh “pen gwyn” literally, white head (referring to the great auk in its winter plumage); later misapplied to the Spheniscidae.
  • bungalow – “Bengalese,” used elliptically for “house in the Bengal style.” Hindi bangla “low, thatched house”.

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