Habits and longevity

I got new messages on the NoticeBoard (one service run by the University) and had a look at the Science Café website. There are many interesting events. One is about longevity and ageing. Then I came cross the website How to Live to 110. In the Videos collection, it shows awesome people in their 90s, 100s, and 110s. Hardly believe they are still so energetic in that age!

My grandpa is 93 years old. My grandma passed away in the age 94 three years ago and my mum told me that my great grandmother passed away in the age 99. They died of old age. For me, it’s magic. The old generations like my grandparents have been through very tough life. I am sure they suffered a lot before. However, what make their longevity?

Using my grandpa as an example, I don’t see special lifestyle in his life. People may call it “healthy lifestyle” nowadays, I call it “habit”. He experienced World War II, Civil War, China established,  Three Years of Great Chinese Famine, Cultural revolution, and more. Comparing to his experience, mine is not worth mentioning, and I hope nothing like that will happen in my life. I wonder some of his usual “habits” may contribute to his health in such age.

  • Not angry over things
  • Reading newspapers, magazines, and books
  • Movement (he still goes out once or twice every day, walking up/down stairs as he lives in a 3rd floor flat; yes, even in very hot/cold weather)
  • Interact with people (talk/listen to people, that’s why he enjoys going out and seeing grandchildren around)
  • Not a picky eater
  • Have fruits (carrots and bananas are most regular food)
  • Regular rest and meal time
  • Half hour snap at noon
  • Getting curious over new things (e.g., iPad, iPhone, video camera; yes, he likes learning but memory is getting poor now)

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