Personal data in a web system

I used the BlueMountain e-card trial service a couple of months ago. I had to fill in my payment information before to use their service. So I did.

However, just realised yesterday that they charged monthly though I didn’t use the service over the last two months. So I cancelled my subscription through their site and contacted them to delete my payment information from their system as I cannot edit it. Why cannot I remove my payment information if I do not use their service?

“Unfortunately, we are unable to remove your payment information from our site”. They responded.

I then asked them if it’s possible to just delete my account as I don’t want to keep my payment information in their system.

“Please call our Customer Sales number at 1-888-254-1450”. They responded.

To remove my personal payment information I need to cancel my account completely and to cancel my account, I need to make an international call.  What is this type of service for? Is it secure to keep your personal data on a web system? Anyway, I’m not happy about it at all.


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