A checklist for job threat

Today’s news that UK unemployment rises to 2.62M and jobless young top 1M. It’s not good news obviously. When the economy becomes bad, you feel your job being threatened too.

I was thinking what can we do? To blame the education system, the government, parents, employers, colleagues, or ourselves?

There is always a way out. When one lost a job or cannot find a job, something may need to be checked:

1. Know yourself? (Do you have a right self-image? What skills do you lack in the job? what are you good at? Why do you want the job? Is the job really suitable for you?)

2. Get good help and resources? (Do you know where to get job information, books and advices? Do you know what you’ve written on your CV? Have you tried free assessment?)

3. Work hard enough? (Do you know how much time another people spend on searching a job? Do you know how hard your colleagues work on her/his exam certificate? What do you do in your spare time?)

If a young person is willing to learn, to work and believe his/her own ability, there are always opportunities.


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