Useful lessons for organisations

I came across “What I Learned From Steve Jobs” written by Guy Kawasaki on his blog. I like the lessons/experience. I’m sure people may find it’s true in their own organisations. Actually, I couldn’t agree more by my own experience, especially on the following aspects:

– Experts are clueless.
I got advice from a bank advisor and he didn’t really help me save money. I should say, he didn’t really think it from the customer’s circumstance. Eventually, I had to learn tricks and tips for saving money by myself.

– Customers cannot tell you what they need.
I see the users of our systems as customers. They wanted some functionalities or they wondered about something, they told you “we want it better”, “we want it being improved”, “we want more support”. However, they didn’t tell us what exactly it is. Thus, we have to dig out and ask further. We need to help them to ask the right question and tell us the information we need to know so that we are able to improve the systems/services.

– Design counts.
To make users feel good when they use the systems do make users like the system more.

– A players hire A+ players.
I hope people know this is very important. However, in most teams I worked in, it’s A, B, C, D and never A, A+, B and B+. When we have A, we feel it’s enough and we wish A will become A+ and we hire B to do work that A is not good at.  

Real CEOs demo.
Yes, I like to see real CEOs to demonstrate a system/product/concept. However, it’s normally from secrotaries.


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