Happiness in academic, learn and apply it

It’s Dr Tal Ben-Shahar teaching Positive Psychology 1504 in 2008. By the view number “55,799”, we can see how many people want to know how can we become happier.

This class “is a humanistic approach … is about fulfilling our potential, clipping away those limitations”. I watched the first class video, and by my curiosity about “Why am I not happy?”, I carried on.

Tal mentioned Carl Rogers and “Self-actualization”, which sparked my curiosity even more in relation to my previous research. Recently, I was asking myself the same question “why I am not happy” when I have everything smoothly. Do I want too much? Am I not confident? What do I really want? I suppose this kind of self-reflective question is heavy.

  • Tal mentioned: “Time-ins”, “look inward”, “silence”. I suppose people can do it if they want.
  • Tal stated how to take “active notes”.
  • Information is not enough, Tal emphasised Transformation in learning.
  • He gave an example of a research study about the difference between extraordinarily successful Harvard MBAs and successful Harvard MBAs: first, believe in themselves; second, always ask questions.
  • Happiness is not binary “either-or”, 0 or 1. Happiness resides on a continuum.
  • Our perception, our focus, our interpretation of life are matters.
  • Study ourselves and sense what changed in our behaviour.

You may find more sessions from Harvard Open Courses- Positive Psychology on YouTube


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