Half day Open forum

A second time to attend the Open Forum. It’s a excellent way to see what other teams doing. Particularly like the statistics that displays the value of the services. Open Access is a good way of making people recongise your research. Mobile apps will be central of all sorts of learning experience for university students. If we provide a service, people do find them and use them. If we don’t provide it, 10% users may give up.

In the Open Forum, “an important email sending by mistake” was mentioned. The IT service may be able to stop it before it’s really “sending out”. Although we didn’t talk about it further, I remember one of my friend once told me something similar.

She sent an email to a buyer but CC it to another buyer by misktake. The two buyers are competitors.

I feel the email system is too clever nowadays because it gives you a list of name when you type in and if you type too fast, it’s easy to send an email out by mistake.

Technologies help us largely, but we still need to do our job carefully and seriously.


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