Cardiff Castle tour

I have been in Cardiff Castle 4 or 5 times. This time, I joined a premium tour, which was a PHEW activity, just for myself.

It’s interesting to know a bit of the medieval and Victorian history when we walked through the incredible themed rooms (in the Clock Tower), following the guide and listening to her revealing the “secrets”.

– The theme of the Winter Smoking Room is time and it’s men’s room. With various decorations, it tells the time of a day, the seasons of a year, the days of the week, and so on. Burges’ devil head carved above the door is to scare women away from eavesdropping at the door while the men talked.

– The largest room in the castle is The Banqueting Hall, which is the focal point of LordBute and Burges’ restoration project that began in 1872 and was completed in 1890. It’s a theme of the Middle Ages history of the castle.
– The nursery has fairy tales and tiles painted on the walls. There is an invisible prince on the wall near a window. Can you see it?

(my photo is not as good as this one:

– The Lord Bute’s Bedroom has 189 mirrors on the ceiling and seven churches of Asia in the stained glasswindows referred to by St. John. They were designed to reflect Bute’s first name (John) in Greek in both true and mirror images. An adjoining bathroom inset with about 60 varieties of marble.

– The dining table in the dining room has a hole in the center. Do you know what is it for? I thought it’s to hold plates of sources. Of course, this is not the right answer.


– The library has five abvious statues above the fireplace, each represents in a different alphabet: Greek, Babylonian, Aramaic, Egyptian, and Celtic. Most valuable books have gone to the University libraries, museums or with the family.

Like the place, will definitely go again.


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