It’s the culture thing

By watching the BBC “Apprentice”, Susan’s languages and ideas being joked, I can see once again that Western philosphy is so different from Eastern philosphy, especially in the way of using language to express one’s opinion.

The way somehow Susan speaks is related to how she naturally translates her thinking and expressing it in English. I can see her English is excellent and she grew up in a western culture environment. However, for me, she pretty much has the effects from Chinese culture. Her way of thinking and talking is in a Chinese way, to some extent, it’s easy to be understood by Chinese and a Chinese will not really think what she asked “Does French drive?” type of question is because she is lack of common sense and stupid. In a Chinese conversion, this type of expression is everywhere. The question is positive, French people do drive! Susan knows that, the question is just a way to express it. In normal Chinese coversations, the question contains an answer already.

If Susan does not avoid the way of expressing her ideas by translating her Chinese way of thinking, she will be collected more silly questions in the show. I know it’s not easy for her, but I am sure Chinese people, who watch this show, have realised this issue.

I like this young girl, her business sense is good and she is young enough to learn, to grow. Gook luck.


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