free WordPress and Blogger, which do you like?

I’m using the free WordPress and Blogger. I started to try both tools in 2005. But I use Bloggers more than WordPress and I’m still working on the best use of WordPress.


  1. more customisable template choices
  2. many widget apps choices
  3. more help docs
  4. widget with JavaScritpt is very functional
  5. when edit an url link in a post, it displays the url and you can change or remove it, very handy
  6. automatically check spelling when you key in text


  1. neat navigation
  2. more professional-looks functionalities
  3. limited customising functions for a free version user, such as cannot add a widget with JavaScritpt
  4. providing categories and tags seperatedly
  5. customisable menu bar is very handy
  6. immediate statistic data of the blog on Dashboard
  7. categories and tags are very useful for organiseing information and cataloging
  8. special characters such as “&” is allowed in a tag
  9. be able to filter spam comments
  10. be able to copy a post 

Will add more when I use more functions. Come across someone’s comments on Blogger and WordPress.


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