Recipe of ginger sugar water

I often cook ginger sugar water if I feel not well or catch a flu. It is an easiler and much better way than take medicine. I rarely take medicine. I think most of Chinese know it. In the UK, I recommend this method to many friends already.

fresh ginger (e.g., 150 grams), dark brown sugar (e.g., 250 grams), spring onion (optional), water

(1) Cut fresh ginger into small pieces
(2) Put fresh ginger into water, boiling
(3) After water boiled, put into a small amount of brown sugar. Using small flame and continue boiling about 10 minutes.
(4) Taste, if need, can put more brown sugar.
(5) Drink the hot boiled ginger water and have a good sleep.

It helps to prevent flu and fever. Ginger has sweating detoxification and reducing temperature functions. Brown sugar and spring onion combination have the role of reducing the feeling of cold. Ginger sugar water also helps menstrual women in the smooth, physical warmth, to increase energy, active qi, accelerate blood circulation and will row in the menstrual more smoothly.


(1) 沙锅内加入生姜、葱白和水,上火煮开。
(2) 加入红糖再煮开10分钟。
(3) 趁热喝, 然后好好睡一觉。




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