Discourse videos

Rcently, I watched the presentation videos of two famous people in China, one is Mr. Ao Li, a liberal, a writer in Taiwan and the other is Prof. Qiang Zheng at the Zhejiang University. I know it’s a bit out of date, but for me, it’s not too late to watch. It’s in Chinese. So I don’t know if there are any English version of these presentations. No time to search online.

Actually, I like the one that Mr. Li made in Peking University most over the three discourses in Peking University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University. I feel the words he used to describe the attitudes of people to government are very vivid. It’s the power and art of Chinese really. Also, his attitudes to and means of facing life and country are worthy of considering and some of his acts are admirable.

Prof. Zheng’s presentations make me feel I more like young generation educators than the traditional old educators. This is not the primary thing, the key point for me is I feel the changes, the justice and the improvement which I always care.

最近,忙里偷闲地在网上看了李敖先生(台湾自由主义者,作家)和郑强教授(浙江大学教授)的演讲. 觉得现在国内的大学生还是有很多好机会, 能听到看到一些有份量的东西. 想想自己, 在大学时并没有很多这样的机会,冲击和反思. 教育,文化,经济,中国缺少什么?又具备什么? 也许这问题不够好, 应该问自己, 你缺少什么又具备什么? 你又能做点什么?怎样做?


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