Educational Mission Chinese Students over 100 years ago

昨夜,偶尔看到这个五集的记录片幼童, 于是不能停下, 看到了半夜2点。今天查了一下, 原来是出自CCTV国家地理, 源于钱钢、胡劲草所著的书《留美幼童—中国最早的官派留学生》。一定是本好书, 能让我们从另外一个角度看中国近代历史的兴衰。

I came across this five-episode videos about the earliest Chinese students studying abroad on YouTube. It attracted me immediately. It tells me the Chinese history that was unavailable through traditional textbook when I studied in school. Quickly searched on Google, found a CEM Connections website and the book China’s First Hundred: Educational Mission Students in the United States. But I cannot find the English version of the original book by Qian Gang and Hu JinCao.


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