Optical Illusions

I found this interesting picture Ascending Staircase by chance. It reminds me a figure about “an architectural  impossibility” in Professor Ormrod’s book (2008) and what she (2008, p.198) said,

“The counstructive nature of perception allows us sometimes to be fooled in optical illusions.”

Also, another example about “an impossible object” displayed in Professor Ford’s book (2008, pp.363-364) is used to explain conceptual problem and conflicts within information retrieval.

In daily work, using these pictures as an analogy may help us to understand other’s assumptions and perspectives.


  • Ford, N. (2008). Web-based Learning Through Educational Informatics: Information Science Meets Educational Computing. Information Science Publishing: Hershey, New York.
  • Ormrod, J.E. (2008). Human Learning. 5th ed., London: Pearson Education International.

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